Shower Entry Options

Remodeling a bathroom can be an exciting experience as you'll have many different options available to you. From the fixtures themselves to the smaller design elements, there is an endless amount of opportunity. Shower doors are an often overlooked element of a bathroom renovation, but they're extremely important. Their functionality can vary widely, and different homeowners may require different shower doors to suit their needs. 

Your personal requirements can have a big impact on what type of door you choose for your bathroom. Below, we'll cover some of the most common styles that will be offered by your residential bathroom remodeling company, as well as who they're best for.

Shower Door Style Options and Their Unique Advantages

Shower doors differ in size, appearance, and functionality. Not all doors will work depending on how your bathroom is laid out or what fixtures you have installed. It's important to examine what use you'd like out of your shower so that you can purchase the right product. The most common options include:

  • Slider Shower Doors: Sliding shower doors are one of the more versatile door options. They work well with both tub/shower combos and walk-in showers. These doors are often clear, adding a modern aesthetic, and they provide easy opening functionality.
  • Swinging Shower Doors: Swinging shower doors work well with corner showers. If installing one of these, it's important to consider where other fixtures are located in the bathroom, as you wouldn't want anything to get in the way.
  • Shower Rod/Curtain: This classic choice is one of the more common shower door options for tub/shower combos. They are ideal for walk-in showers that require accessibility. Individuals in wheelchairs are not able to clear the track or frame that comes with a sliding or swinging shower door, so a curtain will be necessary.
  • Glass Partitions: Glass partitions are a modern door option that's often integrated into an open shower. They're best for master bathrooms where privacy is not as much of a concern.

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