When adding an accessible bathroom feature, the two main options are walk-in showers and walk-in tubs. These two bathroom products have helped countless people regain their bathing independence in their homes. 

However, you may be curious about what option is right for you and your bathroom. This article will detail the ways to choose the correct handicap-accessible renovation for your bathroom.

​Features/Benefits of Walk-In Bathtubs

What sets the walk-in bathtub apart from a standard tub is the water-tight access door. When someone wants to use a walk-in tub, they can open the access door and walk into the tub. 

The door on the tub removes the barrier to entry and reduces the risks of a slip in the tub. Along with the base walk-in tub product, you can customize it with a wide range of features.

Some of the most common accessories for a walk-in tub are:

  • Controllable Water Jets
  • Shower Wand For Washing Hair
  • LED Lighting For Chromatherapy 
  • Padded Seating For Extra Comfort

Depending on your preferences, you can personalize the walk-in tub to meet your needs. These features will improve comfort and make your bathing experience more enjoyable. 

Features/Benefits of Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers offer a low barrier to entering the shower. The low threshold allows easy access for those with mobility restrictions in the home. Additionally, there are no-barrier showers that allow a wheelchair to enter the shower.

Similarly to the walk-in tub, you can customize the shower to meet your unique needs. From built-in seating to grab bars, you can enhance the shower's safety through a variety of accessories. 

Along with improved safety, you can style your walk-in shower with various designs and colors. A professional bathroom remodeler will work with you to craft the ideal shower for the space. 

Considerations to Make For Choosing a Walk-In Shower or Walk-In Tub 

Now that you know the primary features and functionality of these bathroom products, you can consider which option is best for you. The first consideration you should make is what assistance is required for the person. 

If a household member requires wheelchair access to the bathing area, a walk-in shower is a better option. If the person using the bathing area prefers a seated bathing experience, the walk-in tub may be more suitable.

Lastly, you should consider the bathing needs of others in the house. If multiple household members will be using the bathing area, a walk-in shower with a low-threshold and built-in seating may be able to satisfy the bathing preferences/requirements for everybody.

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