Having textures on your bath and shower walls provides layers of definition and depth to the overall design of your bathroom. You can achieve this in many ways, with the end game being a cool effect on your bathroom. Whenever you feel ready for a bathtub wall surround installation, here are vital things to consider when adding texture to your bath and shower walls.

Textures You Can Add to Your Bath and Shower Walls

1. Simulated Tile Wall Patterns

A simulated tile wall pattern gives you that luxury because it showcases the appearance of a ceramic tile but comes with more benefits, such as being low maintenance and easy to clean. Further, these patterns can be applied during a shower wall surround installation and most of your wall colors. This way, you can have multiple design solutions. It’s a fantastic, cost-effective and easy way to add texture to your bath and showers.

2. Add a Sante Fe Listello Accent Trim

With a Listello, you get a border pattern that you can use to accent your space to add visual effects to your floor and walls. It’s a great way to add unique design elements to your bathing space without doing too much. Listello accent trims come in different colors, and you can customize them to fit the specific needs of your space or shower replacement project.

Consider how the design you select will look in different sizes and scales before getting them. Also, visualizations and samples help you make the best decision for your space. The best thing about Sante Fe Listello Accent Trims is that they can be used to accent both smooth and patterned bath walls.

3. Wainscot Your Bath Walls

Wainscoting works wonders for your walls outside of the bathing area. It’s also a decorative element that provides insulation and can feature at any height in your bathroom. If you have a traditional or rustic bathroom, it makes more sense to have them installed. Like a bathtub wall panel, wainscoting shields your walls from damage and moisture. Wainscoting is a special alternative to cold tiles and can be used to unify your bathroom’s decor so that you have a uniform design across your bathing space.

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