When you need a home with accessibility features, one of the best places to start is the bathroom. Traditional bathing areas are characterized by slick surfaces and fast-running water, making it especially important to tune your bathroom to fit your needs.

Walk-in showers are a great way to increase the safety of your bathing space. This style of shower has a low-barrier threshold that is easy to step in and out of. When coupled with a sliding door, you’ll likely find this type of shower much simpler to enter and exit, using minimal force.

If you want a completely step-free shower entry way, consider installing a roll-in or no-barrier shower. The shower bases that define this style of shower are good matches for people who use wheelchairs. With no lip to roll over, you can enter the shower with ease. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of doors, you can choose a shower curtain rod to put up instead. Don’t feel limited by style, as you’ll have plenty of different finish options to choose from for the curtain rod!

You may also want to accessorize your shower with certain devices that can enhance safety. For example, you can contract remodelers to install sturdy grab bars to offer support getting in and out of the shower area. Additionally, shower seats eliminate the stress of standing up for long periods of time while bathing.

If you haven’t considered a walk-in bathtub, you should spend some time perusing our options. Walk-in tubs are convenient for homeowners that want the option of soaking in a tub without having to lift themselves up over a tub wall. Walk-in bathtubs are accessed via door and even come with built-in seating.

No matter what style of accessible shower or tub you choose, you have the flexibility to make the space your own. Shower walls, shower bases, and tubs come in several colors and patterns to match virtually every person’s style. The accessories are another avenue to express your individuality. Choose from finish options like polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black.

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