Escaping to your master bathroom at the end of the day should feel like stepping into a personal spa-like space. The main bathroom is generally a larger area for remodeling, so achieving a lush and luxurious atmosphere provides greater options. Here are a few things to consider for updating a large master bathroom.

Deeper Bathing Options

Standard bathtubs offer 5ft of soaking space. That's plenty of room to clean up a bouncy toddler or growing child, but let's think deeper about the primary bathroom remodel. Give your daily troubles more space to dissipate during your relaxing bubble bath with a 5.5ft replacement bathtub.

Oversized Shower Options

Since your master bathroom offers more space, a bathroom renovation is a perfect time to create a custom shower. Your bathroom remodeler can install up to a 10ft base option for an extra-large shower area. With multiple different bases and wall surrounds available to choose from, you can get the exact look you want in the size you crave.

Tub and Shower Combination Options

Having a separate area to shower and a separate area to bathe can eat away at much of your bathroom living space. Instead of taking up the whole room to achieve the same clean result, consider a combination option. Still, suppose you have someone in your family who needs an accessible bathing space. In that case, you can opt for a tub and shower combination in one area and use a roll-in shower or walk-in bath for the other.

Create an Extra Large Shower

Another option for homes with side-by-side bathing areas is to combine the two spaces into one extra-large shower space. You can use custom measurements and an extra large base to create an impressive oversized shower.

Your master bathroom is the place to create your own vision of ultimate luxury. ZINTEX Remodeling Group has been helping homeowners achieve those dreams since 2001. Our innovative bathroom remodelers work quickly and efficiently, providing visually pleasing home upgrades. Get started with a free quote.