Are you concerned about the limitations of updating a small bathroom? When looking for design inspiration for your latest renovation, you may have found that there are different changes for smaller bathrooms.

If you want to maximize the value of your small bathroom renovation, you should learn about the available options. This article will cover some bath and shower changes you can make to your smaller bathroom space. 

​Smaller Bathtub Options

While standard bathtub sizes are 5ft, you can downsize your bathtub to better utilize limited space in your bathroom. By opting for a 4.5ft bathtub, you can still experience a relaxing bathing experience and have more space at your disposal for other things. 

There are various bathtub liners and colors that you can add to your smaller bathtub options. The added customization helps to enhance the design of your overall bathroom space.

Additionally, you can improve safety and availability with a narrow walk-in tub design. Walk-in tubs help owners regain independence and utilize less space in a small bathroom. 

Smaller Shower Options

Along with a smaller bathtub, you can reduce the size of your shower in your bathroom. Shower features such as a 3ft center drain shower base can lower the required square footage and maintain functionality. 

These smaller drain features are also paired with shower walls and colors that fit the specifications of your bathroom. If you want a functional shower door, a wide selection of door options work in tighter spaces with shower enclosures ranging from 29" to 47 1/2". 

While working with an experienced bathroom remodeling company, you can receive guidance on picking a shower door. From the door frame color to the glass finish, you can pick an option that best suits your preferences. 

Neo-Angle Showers

You should consider a neo-angle shower when you want to save large amounts of space in a small bathroom. The shower's base design is placed in a corner and includes a center drain.

Neo-angle showers can also be paired with various shower door designs for your installation. You can select a shower door that complements the appearance of your overall bathroom.

​Wall Storage Solutions

If you currently have standalone shelving in your bathroom, you can free up space with wall caddies. The caddies feature multiple rows of shelving you can place your bathroom items on. 

When installed correctly, these shelves provide a seamless design that adds functionality to your space. Additionally, you can add a niche storage space in the wall that blends with your wall. 

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