Even the smallest bathroom renovations can make a huge difference to the entire space. When planned right and executed well, most bathroom renovations are affordable, hassle-free, and can be an incredibly dramatic and effective way to improve your home.

One popular project that's easy and affordable - yet packs quite the punch in sheer value - is a tub-to-shower conversion. A tub-to-shower conversion removes your existing bathtub and replaces it with a shower or a walk-in shower. This conversion is one of the most popular bath remodeling upgrades for those that never use the shower area, or that suffer from lack of space in a smaller-sized bathroom. They're also great for household members that need extra mobility features for accessibility in the bathroom.

A tub-to-shower conversion is a hassle-free renovation when performed by expert contractors, which is why it is highly suggested to hire a professional to get the job done. We can help plan, design, and complete the installation of your new tub-to-shower conversion. If you're considering this remodeling project to improve your bathroom, take a look at some of the benefits of this renovation.

A Safer, More Accessible Area for Showering

A tub-to-shower conversion can offer great safety benefits for those with limited mobility. Stepping over a tub wall into the slippery porcelain surface is a dangerous safety hazard for everyone, and especially for the handicapped, and also small children and senior citizens. A walk-in shower can be customized to meet ADA standards and regulations, and tailored with grab bars, low seating, and other features to suit the needs of household members with accessibility issues.

Higher-Quality Materials, Less Maintenance

Older tub products were usually made with hard to clean surfaces, tiled grout, and materials that need constant scrubbing and maintenance to keep looking clean. Today's best shower materials are built for durability, with high-quality acrylic materials that require very little cleaning to maintain. They also feature built-in technology that resists mold and mildew, resulting in perfectly clean and sparkling surfaces without the effort. If you have an older tub in your bathroom, chances are it takes up quite a bit of space. If the tub is stained, moldy, or dirty-looking despite your attempts to make it shine with harsh chemicals and cleaners, it's likely that the tub is an eyesore. In this case, it might be the right time to upgrade with a shower that's virtually effortless to keep clean.

Elegant Styling

The tub is a large focal point in the bathroom that catches the eye's attention. If your tub is ugly, outdated, or equipped with shower curtains for privacy, this can make the entire area a serious eyesore. Today's showers are beautifully designed with glass doors to show off the beautiful shower surrounds and stylish tiling inside. We offer an endless range of shower products in different colors, patterns, and textures. In a tub-to-shower conversion project, our talented team of bathroom designers works closely with our customers to find the best styles for each home, based on your existing layout, the size and area of your tub, and other considerations.

Stylish Shower Spaces

One of the most popular benefits of tub-to-shower conversions is the ability to customize the new shower area to fit your specific needs. As we mentioned in the last section, our talented designers work closely with customers to choose the shower design that perfectly suits them and their needs. When designing your new shower area, you'll choose from a variety of different shower heads, door types, tile patterns, tile designs, wall surrounds, fixtures, and shelving.

For many years we have helped homeowners with high-quality home renovations. If you'd like to discuss your next home improvement project with our team, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call now. Or, if you'd prefer, fill out our online form to request a free, in-home estimate with one of our team members.