As with any home improvement, you want to make sure that your bathroom remodel is worth the cost and hassle. Do you really need that  shower? Is it worth it to upgrade your space with new accessories? If your bathroom is very old and outdated, you could be dealing with cracked surfaces that breed harmful bacteria, inefficient plumbing and water fixtures, and even low-quality lighting. 

Sometimes the need for bathroom renovation is clear, but when it’s not, there are some  benefits to consider—important because your remodel could pay for itself in the long run.

Increase Resale Value

If there is a possibility of selling your home in the future, then a bathroom remodel could nearly pay for itself by adding value to your home. On average, you could recoup over 60% of bathroom remodeling costs after resale. Homes with newly remodeled bathrooms also sell more quickly, reducing the time and cost of placing your home on the market for many months.

Reduce Utility Costs

Most older bathrooms are clearly outdated but mostly inefficient. From wasted water to drained electricity, you could be spending hundreds more a year on utility bills than those with modern appliances. Upgrading to quality tubs and showers that are low maintenance, use less water, and longer lasting will save you in the long run.

Enhance Your Enjoyment

Who can put a price tag on quality of life? If your bathroom is difficult or not stylish, a bathroom renovation might be worth it. After-all, your bathroom is usually the place you spend 20-30% of your day, so why not indulge in some upgrades the room more enjoyable? 

Improve Bathing Safety

If you or a loved one struggles to bathe safely because of limited mobility, then bathroom remodeling is a must. Do not risk injury that could lead to hospital visits or worse. Upgrading to a walk-in tub or shower is easier than you think, and we offer very flexible financing to make getting the bathroom you need simpler. 

Do you need a bathroom remodeler? Whether you're sure or not, give us a call and we can inspect your bathroom for free.