Nervous about hiring a contractor for your next home remodeling project? Unfortunately, feeling unsure about your next home improvement project isn’t uncommon because bad contractors are out there, and they have taken tens of thousands of dollars and destroyed thousands of homes. 

In the past, the best you could do was check out review sites to see what people have to say, but those reviews can’t always be trusted. Anyone can say anything about anyone. There’s no process that ensures those reviews are accurate. 

How, then, are you supposed to find a team of trustworthy Dallas remodelers? The answer is to look for the Good Contractors guarantee. 

Why the Good Contractors List Different 

The Good Contractors List is different than any other review website on the internet. Instead of relying on customer reviews that are posted online, they take a more active approach to creating a list of Dallas home remodeling contractors with their stamp of approval. 

Once a contractor is added to the list, this organization records calls that come through the website to ensure the contractor is reaching a high standard of service. They personally call every homeowner who hires that contractor to make sure they are being treated right, and they will even pay up to $10,000 to complete your project if one of their contractors doesn’t meet your expectations. 

An Extensive Screening Process 

The Good Contractors Association is able to back their contractors so completely because they utilize an extensive screening process when vetting them for the list. That process includes: 

  • Searching for potential additions with the help of industry professionals. 
  • Meeting each contractor in person. 
  • Requiring the signing of an agreement that says they will abstain from high pressure sales tactics. 
  • Conducting thorough background investigations of the companies and their owners. 
  • Becoming a certificate holder of each contractor's insurance policy to ensure it never lapses. 
  • Listening and acting on direct feedback from homeowners and clients to maintain the list. 

We're proud to be on the Good Contractors List. We’re proud to be an Elite Home Advisor contractor since 2011 too! There’s absolutely no doubt that our bathroom remodelers can complete the perfect project for your home. Give us a call to learn more about what makes us different from other remodelers, or fill out our online form and we’ll provide you with a free estimate!