Are you planning a bathtub remodel? There are several tub materials out there, so it’s a good idea to consider which offer the benefits you’re looking for. Whether you want something more stylish or easier to keep clean, an acrylic bathtub remodel might be your best bet. For some useful insight when it’s time for your next bath or shower replacement, consider these many perks of acrylic.

Versatile Style

Acrylic comes in sheets that are easily molded into a variety of styles, providing you with an endless possibility of shapes, sizes, and colors. When customization are important to you, acrylic ensures you’re getting the exact bath or shower you want!

Easy to Clean

Who has time to scrub their bath or shower? Sure, keeping your bathroom clean is important. However, you’ll find maintenance is much simpler when you’re dealing with an acrylic surface. Acrylic is non-porous, so it naturally resists dirt build-up, and many acrylic baths offer antimicrobial protection as well.

Retains Heat

Unlike steel tubs, acrylic bath surfaces are warm to the touch in normal temperatures, and it’s heat-retaining properties keeps your bath water warmer longer! This is a simple but welcome benefit for those who enjoy a long and relaxing soak in a hot bath. 

Simply Repaired

Sometimes acrylic surfaces are soft and become scratched. This can be avoided to a large degree by using the right cleaners as instructed by your bath’s manufacturer. However, should damage occur, acrylic baths are easily polished out or refilled with acrylic for lasting repair. 

Benefits of an Acrylic Bathtub Remodel

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