The second bath, half-bath, powder room, no matter what you call that spare bathroom, it is a part of the home that is often used by guests and family members. In some ways, it's the most public of private spaces in your home. If that bathroom isn't looking its best anymore, an update can impress visitors and improve your daily use of it. Before you get started, the bathroom remodelers at ZINTEX Remodeling Group have put together a few ideas to help make your small bathroom refresh successful.

1. Plan Ahead to Save Time!

The most important part of any home remodeling project is the pre-planning stage. Yes, it may be tempting to start the demolition on your half-bath today! However, if you don't know where to go with the project, you will run out of steam quickly. 

2. Hire Experienced Bathroom Remodelers

As a professional bathroom renovation company, ZINTEX Remodeling Group gives every customer a design consultation to develop the look of their finished bathroom before work even begins. Our skilled designers work with you to design your ideal bathing area. Our technicians also take custom measurements of the bathroom and bath enclosures to order fixtures that are manufactured to the exact specifications of your space. 

3. Think Small, Think Open!

One of the biggest problems with small bathrooms is the lack of visual space. A traditional cabinet vanity, bathtub, and even standard toilet make the room feel cramped. Consider saving floor space with a pedestal sink and keeping toiletry items on open shelving attached to the wall. If you are really tight on space, narrow sinks, neo angle showers, and tankless toilets preserve functionality in a half-bathroom.

4. Simple Patterns Save the Eyes!

Since you are working with a small bathroom you may be considering tile and floor patterns, even decor, that is tiny. This can backfire as a lot of small patterns end up being intricate or complex to the eye. Too much of this hurts the eyes and feel claustrophobic. Even small tiles contribute to this phenomena with the increased number of grout lines they create. Pick a medium-sized tile for your enclosure in a simple pattern or no pattern, if you prefer.

Depending on how much work is needed on your bathroom, you may want professional bathroom remodelers to do the job. Find out more by calling us or filling out our online form to request your free, at-home price estimate for work!