If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom in 2016, you may be wondering about the newest trends in bathroom renovations. The hottest trends in bathroom remodeling this year merge style with comfort to create a new kind of luxury bathroom. An ideal bathroom is not just a place to wash up, it is a place to relax and enjoy while you wash away the stress of the typical day. Incorporating items that make your bathroom more convenient and comfortable is the best way to keep your bathroom on trend. Here are some of the top design trends that make a bathroom beautiful and functional at the same time.

A New Kind of Double Sink

Instead of having two separate, his and hers style sinks, the new trend in bathroom vanities is to double the size of a single sink. This is also sometimes called a trough sink because the larger depth reminds some people of a barn trough. Double sinks are extra convenient for hand-washing delicates and other items that are not suitable for the washer, or giving a baby a bath.

Shower Seats For Everyday Use

There was a time that shower seats were only for older people or retirement homes. But in 2016, everyone is taking note of how convenient and comfortable they are. Now built in shower seats are popping up in homes all over the nation. They fuse the best qualities of a shower stall and a bathtub in one item. Shower seats make it easy to shave your legs, wash your hair, or even just relax when you’re taking a morning shower and need time to wake up. Typically constructed out of tile or marble, they are much more attractive than the removable seats that some people add after a home is already built, and can be customized to your exact specifications.

Calm Colors Draw Inspiration From Nature

Vibrant but calm colors that take inspiration from the palette of Mother Nature are the perfect way to complete a bathroom remodel in 2016. When choosing a color to put on the walls, rugs and towels in your newly redone bathroom, think of some of your favorite scenes from nature, such as:

  • The bright yellow of the sun in the summer sky
  • A deep turquoise reminiscent of the ocean in the tropics
  • Red shades like those found on a hibiscus flower
  • The green found in leaves on a forest tree
  • Orange tones like the ones the sun gives off during a sunset on the beach

Quality Materials and Custom Installation Make a Bathroom Breathtaking

Choosing a quality tile or luxury material for the bathroom walls or floors is only half of the battle. If you really want your bathroom to look as good as possible, quality installation is just as important. Choosing a qualified installer is the first step in making sure your material stands out. Experienced tradesmen can help you decide on the best way to highlight the material and the best pattern to lay it in. Creating swirls, medallions or a herringbone pattern can help your bathroom have a unique point of interest that will intrigue visitors for years to come.