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San Antonio Tub to Shower Conversions

When you need quality bathroom remodeling services in San Antonio, there is only one bathroom remodeling company you can trust to get the results you want and that is ZINTEX Remodeling Group. Since 2001, we have helped many homeowners upgrade their bathrooms with services that include bathtub and shower replacements, walk-in tubs, and even bathroom conversions. So, if you are looking to get a bathtub-to-shower conversion, make sure you go with a company that has an A+ rating from the BBB. 

Bathtub Conversions

Our bathroom remodelers here at ZINTEX Remodeling Group understand that people may want to get a bathtub-to-shower remodel if they feel their current bathtub isn’t meeting their needs. Whether it is old, outdated, or something they just don’t enjoy using, we offer excellent bathtub conversions that will turn your bathtub into a beautiful new shower in your choice of base and wall color/pattern.

Shower Conversions

With our shower conversion service, you can expect:

  • Custom Shower Design: Your new shower can be custom designed with your choice of colors, patterns, and even accessories for a truly personalized showering experience. Now, you can look forward to using your bathroom once again after a long day.
  • Durable Materials: Our showers are made out of strong acrylic and their surfaces protect against the growth of mold and mildew allowing for easy cleaning when needed. With unparalleled durability, you can be sure that your new shower will provide you with many years of dependable performance.
  • Quick Installation: We offer one-day bathtub conversions since your new shower will be installed in the same area your old bathtub was once it. Our shower installers will take measurements of your bathroom to ensure your new shower will fit perfectly. 
  • Protective Warranty: You can be assured that your new shower will be protected with a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects and the installation. 

Free Tub to Shower Conversion Cost Estimate

Are you ready to replace your bathtub with a newly remodeled shower? Then contact the local San Antonio tub-to-shower conversion experts at ZINTEX Remodeling Group today to get started! Give us a call or fill out our quick online form to get a free pricing quote.