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Saginaw Bathroom Remodeler

While the bathroom is a necessity in the home, it doesn't have to be purely functional. Transform your bathroom into a luxurious hideaway with the local Saginaw bathroom remodelers at ZINTEX Remodeling Group. Since 2011, we have offered premier bathroom renovation services for area homeowners. With the high-quality products and materials we use, your bathroom becomes the ultimate space in your home. Our remodeling services include:

  • Walk-in Tubs
  • Replacement Bathtubs
  • Replacement Showers
  • Bath Conversions

Comfortable Walk-in Tubs

Limited mobility can make it difficult to do many simple tasks around the home, even enjoying a bath. Walk-in bathtubs are a way make your daily ablutions easier and safer. Our selection of walk-in tubs are among the most comfortable available with built-in seating, easy-reach controls, and a low door threshold. Our Saginaw bathroom remodeling company also provides additional features to enhance your enjoyment during bath time, such as padded seating and bubbling water jets.

Replacement Bathtub Installation

When you are looking for a replacement bathtub that can stand up to decades of use without cracking, staining, or wearing away, ZINTEX Remodeling Group has the solution. Our non-porous acrylic bathtubs are designed to resist the growth of mold and mildew. You won't need to worry about constant scrubbing or unsightly stains developing over time. Plus, our speedy Saginaw bathroom professionals can install your new low-maintenance tub within just one day!

Spacious Replacement Showers

If you have a shower that is dark, grimy, and unpleasant, give it a bath remodel. We have a range of shower enclosures that meet your needs and go far beyond. Make the most of a small bathroom with a neo-angle shower. Or, go for true luxury with a large open shower featuring a rainfall shower head. Accessories, such as built-in shelving and grab bars, can further enhance your replacement shower.

Quick Bath Conversions

When your bathroom's main fixture is more of a hindrance than a help to your routine, a bath conversion might be the right answer. Our Saginaw bathroom remodelers can complete an efficient switch from shower-to-tub or a tub-to-shower to improve the function of your bathroom. We'll take accurate measurements of your existing fixture to ensure the new one is an airtight fit in its place. There won't be any need for major renovations, only a quick tearout and replacement by our team.

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We are an experienced team of licensed and certified bathroom contractors serving customers in the Saginaw area. If you are looking for a reliable bath company for a range of bathroom remodeling services, then ZINTEX Remodeling Group is the top choice. Call us today or fill our out online form to schedule a complimentary consultation and free work estimate.