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Bathroom Remodeler in Euless

For most households in Euless, bathroom remodeling is a scary, stress-inducing thought. How can you be sure that your renovation will be worth the hassle and money? What if the remodeling results aren't what you were promised? At ZINTEX Remodeling Group, we understand these common concerns—but we're also here to eliminate them! Our remodeling services are not only quicker and more affordable than many other options, but they're also backed by impressive long-term warranties.

For guaranteed results at surprisingly affordable prices, turn to our extensive selection of bath remodeling services:

  • Bath and Shower Replacement
  • Accessible Bathing Solutions
  • Bath Conversions

Tailor-Made Replacement Tubs and Showers

As a customer-oriented Euless bath remodeler, we're proud to offer fully customized tubs and showers. With us, you'll never get a boring, one-size-fits-all remodel; instead, you'll be able to guide every last detail of your new tub or shower. By working with your dedicated ZINTEX Remodeling Group project manager, you can choose from dozens of bath and shower replacement  options, including:

  • Base design
  • Wall surrounds
  • Shower enclosure and door style
  • Built-in storage
  • Fixtures and accessories
  • And many more!

Comfortable, Safe, and Accessible Baths and Showers

If you or your loved ones have been struggling with a hazardous bathtub or shower—whether due to age or other physical limitations—why not remove this daily stressor? With the walk-in tubs, walk-in showers, and roll-in showers of ZINTEX Remodeling Group, every member of your family will be able to bathe comfortably and independently. As the leading walk-in tub installer in Euless, we can have your new feature ready for use in as little as a day!

Easy, Hassle-Free Euless Bath Conversions

Bath conversions used to be a significant headache, requiring tons of demolition and sometimes even complete bathroom reconfiguration—but not anymore. Like all of our services, our tub-to-shower conversions are based on detailed measurements and can be completed in just one day. They're also guaranteed to resist cracking, chipping, mold, and mildew!

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