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Denton Replacement Tubs

Soaking in a tub at the end of a long day is an ideal way to relax. However, it’s less than ideal if you’re stuck with an outdated tub. Whether your tub features an unappealing color from a decade gone by, it has developed a porous surface that’s impossible to keep clean, or it’s chipped and cracked, a tub replacement from ZINTEX Remodeling Group is the perfect solution.

Our bathroom remodel team can provide you with an updated tub that you’ll love, and we can do it in as little as a day! Benefits and choices you’ll enjoy when working with ZINTEX Remodeling Group include:

  • Many Bathtub Replacement Options
  • Qualified Tub-to-Shower Replacements
  • Safe Walk-In Tubs
  • Custom Bath Renovations

Bathtub Replacement Options in Your Favorite Style

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to color and style. Don’t get stuck with a tub you don’t really like just because it’s all that’s available at your local hardware store. At ZINTEX Remodeling Group, we have multiple bathtub replacement options for you to choose from. Pick a color and a surround style that enhances the current design in your bathroom.

One of the Top Tub-To-Shower Replacement Companies

The products you choose when updating your bathroom matter if you want your new installation to look and function great for decades, but the installation of those products matters too. ZINTEX Remodeling Group is one of the top tub-to-shower replacement companies in Denton. We are Dedicated to Excellence, which means we complete projects efficiently, affordably, and properly.

Comfortable and Safe Walk-In Tub Installation

What makes a bathroom comfortable and safe is different for everyone. Some enjoy the flexibility of a tub-and-shower combo, while others require a walk-in tub installation. With a swinging door, low-threshold entry, and a built-in seat, our walk-in tubs are a great way for seniors and those with mobility issues to remain independent in their own home.

Transform Your Bathroom with a Bath Renovation

Just because your bathroom looks one way now doesn’t mean it has to look that way forever. We are qualified remodelers, which means we can alter the footprint of your bathroom with a custom bath renovation. Whether you want to install a handicap bathtub or you want to place a traditional basin tub where there was a shower before, ZINTEX Remodeling Group has you covered.

Price Your Denton Replacement Tub for Free by Contacting Us Today!

Price is an important consideration in any remodel project. Don’t be surprised by the final cost of your bathtub remodel by requesting a free estimate before it even begins. Give ZINTEX Remodeling Group a call, tell us what kind of bathroom update you’re looking for, and we can provide you with free, custom pricing. Fill out our online form if instead you’d like to schedule a design consultation.